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 Mid Michigan Poodle Club members adhere to the Poodle Club of America's Code of Ethics some of which include.....

  1. All Poodle Club of America members and affiliate clubs shall be dedicated to the preservation and welfare of the Poodle Breed.
  2. All PCA members and affiliate clubs must ensure that their actions are in the best interest of the breed.
  3. Breeding programs should exist for the betterment of the breed. Each member will plan their breeding program to maintain and intensify the virtues of type, quality, temperament, and eliminate faults. All breeding shall be done selectively towards this goal and not purely for financial gain. Breeders may not intentionally allow a poodle to be bred to any other breed of dog.


CLUB OFFICERS                                           NAME                                                 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 PRESIDENT                                             ERIC GAW DVM                                    

VICE-PRESIDENT                                      KATHY ESIO-KING


TREASURER                                                 DIANE GAW                                      


 BOARD MEMBERS                                      NAME





COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS                                                             ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

 MEMBERSHIP                                      DR. ERIC GAW                                   

WAYS & MEANS                                  


PROGRAMS                                          DR. ERIC & DIANE GAW                     


WEBSITE                                              GINA WAINIOLA



                                                               KATHY ESIO-KING

 NEWSLETTER                                       LINA WAINIOLA                       

BREEDER REFERALS                              CONNIE HUTCHINS                                   



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